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English Party and Government Documents

This is an extensive collection of official government and Communist Party of China documents in English from authoritative official sources. The collection covers from 1949 onwards and includes 230,789 English documents as of March 2016.

Government Documents, Communiques and Gazetteers

It contains the most comprehensive collection of Chinese government documents, Communiques and Gazetteers from central to local government departments and agencies. It covers speeches by key government officials, foreign affairs communiques, administrative rules, local regulations, international treaties, statistical reports, government gazetteers, and government white papers.

Policies and Activities of Foreign Ministry

It contains a comprehensive collection of Foreign Ministry’s diplomatic agenda, Ambassador appointments, speeches related to foreign affairs, communiques, press conferences, and spokesperson's remarks.

White Papers

It is a comprehensive collection of all government white papers in major languages including English, Chinese, French, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese.

English Journal Articles

It includes metadata and full text from major English journals.

China - Government and Party Studies (ChinaGPS)

China - Government and Party Studies (ChinaGPS) offers a rewarding research and discovery experience with an extensive collection of materials in multiple languages in major research areas of the Chinese Government and the Communist Party of China. It covers a wide range of primary and reference sources, bringing together rich metadata and full text from thousands of sources to make research items instantly discoverable. ChinaGPS has supported research needs at academic libraries and government agencies with a broad collection of literature.

Main Features:
  • Unique Collection in Multiple Languages;
  • Extensive Coverage;
  • Instant Discovery;
  • Maximum Promotion of Research Output;
  • Coverage of Classic Literature