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Global Journal Articles (GJA)

Global Journal Articles (GJA) is an extensive collection that includes a vast amount of rich metadata and full text in multiple languages from over 4,000 journal titles to make journal articles on various subjects of Chinese studies instantly discoverable. Global Journal Articles (GJA) is part of Global Chinese Studies (GCS)*.

*Global Chinese Studies (GCS) offers a rewarding research and discovery experience with an extensive collection of materials in multiple languages in all areas of Chinese studies. It covers a wide range of primary and reference sources, bringing together rich metadata and full text from thousands of sources to make research items instantly discoverable. GCS has supported research needs at academic libraries and government agencies with peer-reviewed contents and grey literature.

Main Features:
  • Unique Collection of Journals in Multiple Languages;
  • Extensive Coverage;
  • Instant Discovery;
  • Maximum Promotion of Research Output;
  • Coverage of Classic Literature
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